Cause when I mess up, you never give up your love
Yeah I’m a fuck up, but you swear I’m enough

Midnight smokes are the best

You’re messed up lately,
Going back on everything you said
Love drives me crazy.
Whatever happened to that girl I met?

God fucking fucks I need to not let this get to me.

Woah. I treated you with honesty, honestly. You promised me, promised me.
Woah. You said that you were sorry you’re far away. You’d always come back for me.
You’re break breaking your word. I don’t care what you heard.
Cause you fucked up, yeah you fucked up.
Yeah, I thought we’d live off love, but it was not enough, not enough.


Selfish Machines + snaps 

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pierce the veil // selfish machines // first lines
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This is my peace of mind, my tranquility.

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he said, ‘wait. she’s with me. so send that other man walking with his two left feet’
now I hate my love, and now the other man’s floating in the dead man’s sea
and he’s floating face down because he’s a dead man, see?


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When I’m writing an essay and trying to make the word count.

Dumb hoe

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Hangovers and work are not a good combo, today should be fun. eitacffuc